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Please Note*** The Free Speech Emporium allows upcoming authors and poets to offer their work here. We are all starving writers who are all struggling desperately outside the world of mainstream publication. Books are offered for download at the cost of $3.00. Two dollars of this money goes to the author and one dollar goes to help cover the cost of site rental.



The Free Speech Emporium Cyber Book Store and Publishing Company deals in multi-media eBooks. At times some of these files grow to become very large. A program such as GetRight will greatly facilitate the download and reduce the required download time. This is a great program and in today’s digital society it should be part of every computers program system






Words From Under a Hat

by Angela Kumpolt

The Complete Trilogy

An epic work of poetry that speaks volumes to the heart that hears.

You may listen to some of Angela’s works at the Beat Street Cyber Café is you so desire


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The second entry in “The Broken Poet” Series. Jessica Aaron creates a wonderfully dark poetic vision.

Jessica’s audio files will be featured at the Beat Street Cyber Café as of March 15th



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Obsession and Betrayal


Poetry and Prose

T. Crawford-Crawford’s work may be heard at the Beat Street Cyber Café if you so desire


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A socially important and relevant work by Jessica Joy telling of one girl’s journey beyond rape. This remarkable book of verse presents the tears, the fears and the anxieties that resound far beyond the actual event.


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In a world inhabited by vampires, werewolves, and sorceresses, nothing is ever as it seems. Midnight Down is an affectionate parody and satire of 1970s pulp supernatural comics. It's currently on hiatus, but you can read the story up to now for free!



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