Many friends from across the country and around the world have asked me to send them copies of this CD. Needless to say: “I can not afford to do this.”


Therefore I have decided to allow friends the option of listening to some segments contained on the disk. Simply click on any of the titles on the right and your Real Player or Window’s Media Player should play it. Enjoy!


Please be advised that the chosen downloads are simply a random sampling of the bits and pieces contained on the actual CD.

LPOP (Lilith … Pit of Poseidon):

is a fictional work and any similarity to any person living or dead is purely coincidental. LPOP is copy written by:

Potentials Unlimited


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Lilith … in the Pit of Poseidon


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Random Download Samples









The Poem and the Pearl


Moon Whisper




Edge Walker




Go it Alone


Lost Innocence


On Darkness


She Haunts Me


Shores Afar


Something Wicked


The Siren’s Song












Lilith … in the Pit of Poseidon

Is an audio CD Blog


T. Crawford – Crawford

Knoxville TN   37849




L ... POP - 4 - EP



Here are some of the things that have been said about the complete CD:



“Tommy I just listened your CD your genius for writing will never be matched. I cant find adequate words to describe it. The passion of the words, the passion in your voice moved me to tears. No one can match up to your way of expressing situations and people. My eyes are blurry but I can still recognize a masterpiece when I see one.”

Jackie  Laferla



“I love the way you express your passion. As of this writing I have played the CD 3 times! I am not sure what it is that I can't get enough of. I am not a writer but I sure can tell a brilliant one."

"You're brilliant!"

 "I hope you will keep on writing and thank you for sharing such raw talent with us your devoted friends.”

Mercy Gonzaga




“Poetic Genius! Thirty Years …. Tommy you still never cease to amaze me.

You have a poetry in your soul, magic in your spirit and there is heart in each

and every word. You are a very brave man and an extremely bold writer.

The ending just blew me away."

"I never saw it coming”

Linda Seaman

Long Island, NY



“A wonderfully written string of short stories, put together to make an awesome listen that will keep you waiting for the next sentence. I highly recommend that anyone who loves a good story should have a listen.  T. Crawford - Crawford is one of the greatest, most talented writers of our times.  He is man who writes with truth and first hand knowledge of his life's events. A must have for anyone with ears!”

“Awesome and Brilliant”

DeAnna Michaelson



"I LOVE IT!!!  It was the best spent hour (or so) that I have spent in a very long time!  The ending was very good.. I couldn't help but giggle some.. it was very unexpected.  You have such a great voice and I love your writing. "

"I Was Entranced!"

Eli Dunn

Bristal TN


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